"Shinobi" two column Web 2.0 style template

Here is a new template I've been working on for a while now: the "Shinobi" (Ninja) template. This template features a unique "Web 2.0" style theme including inline comments. Take a look at the screenshot or preview the blog in action on the Shinobi Template demonstration blog. Read on for more details and to download the template.

The Shinobi template features:

  • Unique theme with rounded corners and ninja-style header.

  • Inline comments on post pages, so readers can leave their comments without having to leave the page.

  • Complementary label cloud.

You can download the XML template using the link below:

Download the Shinobi Blogger Template (Zip File)

Included in the zip file are both the XML template and a help file with details of how the template can be installed and configured.

Alternatively you can copy the template code below and paste this in the Edit HTML section of your Blogger dashboard.

All images used in this template are hosted by Blogger Buster, so you do not need to upload them to your own servers. Feel free to modify this template as you wish. However, I do ask that the credits within the template itself remain intact. Please do not redistribute this template without a link back to the original author!

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19 October 2007 at 20:28 Cassandra said...

This is my first time to your site! I love the templates...I am using the Shinobi template for a test blog of mine. I am thinking of using it for my entertainment blog.

2 January 2008 at 21:00 Laura said...

I used this template for my own (I changed up the header, largely using your instructions, though).


13 January 2008 at 18:18 Unknown said...

Wow. That was easy. Thank you so much.

16 September 2008 at 13:17 Unknown said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

17 February 2009 at 15:20 Jefe said...

I continually get the dreaded bX-928o1o error. HELP!

14 October 2009 at 15:57 Korzik said...

Just what I was looking for, I am so happy I found this template!

Thank You for the work you did on this.